This Week

November 23:  Lesson 9

The Bishops are the leaders of Jesus’ people.  Lesson 9


Think of three things you are thankful for and write them on the Thanksgiving homework page.  Study your vocabulary words.  Thanksgiving Homework


Lesson 9 Vocabulary Words

Parent Letter

Lesson 9 Parent Letter


Advent Service Project: This year we are collecting new hats, scarves, gloves, mittens and white cotton tube socks for the needy.  There will be a bin outside the CCD office to collect your donations.

Mr. B. will be teaching class Sunday November 23 (Lesson 9) Vocabulary word quiz!

No CCD Sunday November 30 (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Ms. Jessie will be teaching Class Sunday December 7 (Lesson 10)

Santa Lunch Saturday December 13

Mr. B. will be teaching class Sunday December 14 (Lesson 11)

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