This Week

December 14:  Lesson 11

The Pope and Bishops guard the Teaching of Christ and help us to understand what we are to Believe.  Lesson 11


Complete Activity the Master 8 word search puzzle and study your vocabulary word page.  Activity Master 8


Lesson 11 Vocabulary Words

Parent Letter

Lesson 11 Parent Letter


Advent Service Project: This year we are collecting new hats, scarves, gloves, mittens and white cotton tube socks for the needy.  There will be a bin outside the CCD office to collect your donations.

Mr. B. will be teaching class Sunday December 14 (Lesson 11)

Mr. B will be teaching class Sunday December 21 (Lesson 12)

No CCD Sunday December 28 – Merry Christmas!

No CCD Sunday January 4 – Happy New Year!

Ms. Jessie will be teaching CCD Sunday January 11 (Lesson 13)

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